Technological advancements are enabling anyone, anywhere, to improve the World. People around the globe are coming together to solve global challenges - and amazing things are happening every day!

But when did you last stumble upon Breaking News that gave you hope?

At OCOC we don't ignore the bad. We just actively pursue the countless improvements that are happening all the time. Because they are happening. All the time. And because despots, death and douchebags are hardly news - on the contrary, we've seen it all before...

Mass collaboration, heightened awareness, collective growth and tremendous technological advancements, on the other hand, are truly newsworthy! We call it #ActualNews.



Lecture: Our Future is Not in the News

About lecture: Did you know that virtual reality is more pain relieving than morphine? Did you know that scientists have recently 3D-printed functional ovaries for mice? Did you know that China has hired more than 200.000 officers in the first half of 2017 to protect against contamination of rivers and streams? And did you know that 90% of all scientists that have ever lived are alive today...?

We live in a remarkable time where scientific discoveries and technological advancements are enabling anyone to improve our world – and amazing progress is happening every day!

But what drives these advancements? Which technologies are in question and why is this ‘amazing progress’ so difficult to see? What is artificial intelligence, biotechnology, drones and robotics, and what does it mean that an additional 3 billion people are about to join our online community? And why are we experiencing these rapidly increasing speeds when humanity is used to an extremely slow evolution?

During this thought-provoking lecture, Denis Rivin explains some of the most groundbreaking technologies that are about to transform society in the near future. But most importantly, he emphasises how ordinary people are increasingly empowered by these technologies to address local and global challenges that were previously totally out of reach.

All in all, this is a much needed, hopeful story that highlights the many improvements that constantly happen in a world that is needlessly over-obsessing on negative Breaking News.

About lecturer: Denis Rivin (1984, DK) has a background in Art History from Copenhagen University and Digital Design and Communication from the IT-University of Copenhagen. He has worked extensively with cultural entrepreneurship, but shifted his attention from culture to exponential technologies in 2013.

Now Denis is occupied with the fields of technological advancement, social interaction and global development. He has founded two startups and is managing both: Ima Read, a software solution that innovates digital reading, and OF COURSE OFF COURSE – a communication bureau that focuses on critical optimism.


Denis Rivin's talk provides ideas and aspirations for humanity to make use of technology for the greater goodRikke Helms, Danish Cultural Institute

Extremely relevant and entertainingLaura Goldschmidt, gallerist

Hopeful, informative and eye openingAndreas Pallisgaard, musician/producer

Splendid communicator, knows his field and has important message Peter Engedal, consultant at UM                                                                     

I feel enriched and enlightened. I feel like acting on this! Signe Mansdotter, sound designer  

Denis provides fresh and informative perspectives on subjects that are trivialised by politiciansJulius Bækgaard Brasch, student




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